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Saltire Carpets and Beds are specialist's suppliers of laminate flooring, offering many selections and colours of laminate flooring from the main worldwide suppliers. The warehouse based in Central Scotland near Glasgow offers many laminate flooring choices for customers to view.

There are a lot of different types of laminate flooring solutions available on the market place. Different types of Laminate flooring are required for different lifestyles and purposes. Saltire Carpets and Beds offer the advice that you need when choosing the perfect laminate solution for the home or for the workplace.

Laminate floor. The base of a laminate floor is a watertight, glued HDF board (High Density Fibre Board). This is covered with a design layer and a transparent overlay against wear and tear. Underneath, a barrier layer stops rising damp and prevents the boards from deforming

The design layer is a photo of wood or tiles that is printed on paper. This paper is submerged in melamine resin. This is covered with a very strong and transparent protective layer. The melamine layers are pressed on the HDF board in a press, under high pressure and temperature. In addition, a wood or tile structure is also pressed into the top layer. For example, the oak designs have a wood texture that coincides exactly with the wood pattern. The highly refined printing technique means that you can hardly tell the difference between the photo and real wood. So you can have a "wooden floor" in your home without sacrificing valuable trees. In addition, you don't have to worry about the disadvantages of a wooden floor. There's a laminate floor for every budget; they are easy and fast to install (yourself) and easy to maintain.

Saltire use only qualified time served Joiners to fit their Laminates and Solid Wood Floorings.

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